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Advances in Diagnosis, Assessment, and Management of Pediatric Concussion, with Dr. Keith Yeates

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This is a recording of a live webinar hosted by NCNF on November 29, 2023. Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. Identify the revised American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine diagnostic criteria for milf traumatic brain injury 2. Select tests and other measures sensitive to pediatric concussion and persisting symptoms after concussion 3. List at least 3 evidence-based approaches to the management and treatment of pediatric concussion Speaker Bio: Keith Owen Yeates, PhD, ABPP, FCAHS, FRSC, is the Ronald and Irene Ward Chair in Pediatric Brain Injury, Professor of Psychology, and Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics and Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada. He is the inaugural Chair of the Canadian Concussion Network. He has a 30-year track record of funded research focusing on the outcomes of childhood brain disorders, especially traumatic brain injury. A bibliometric analysis published in 2018 indicated he had authored more of the top-100 cited papers in pediatric TBI than any other researcher. Dr. Yeates was co-lead author of the report of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Expert Panel on Acute Diagnosis and Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury among Children and Adolescents, an invited expert panel member at the 6th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport in Amsterdam, and an invited member of the expert consensus group for the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) Diagnostic Criteria for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
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