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Sport Concussion Treatment & Management

Annually, between 1 and 3 million traumatic brain injuries occur in the United States (Center for Disease Control). The majority of these injuries are classified as mild or as a concussion and they often occur during participation in sports or other recreational activities.

In 2013, the California Legislature passed AB25, the “Concussion Law,” that mandates that any athlete participating in high school sport activities who sustains a concussion must be withheld from participation until receiving written clearance from a medical professional who is "trained in the management of concussions."  Increasingly, the public and other medical professionals are turning to sport neuropsychologists to provide care and management of athletes with head injuries.

A sport neuropsychologist is a neuropsychologist with specialized training and expertise in the evaluation, management, and treatment of athletes with head injuries. Neuropsychologists, who have specific expertise in the evaluation of brain disorders, have been at the forefront of research and practice in sport-related concussions.

Neuropsychologists have developed the vast majority of clinical measures that are being used today for the assessment of sports concussions. Nearly all major college and professional sports organizations look to the clinical neuropsychologist as an important resource in their concussion management programs.

If you are in need of clinical care or consultation from a neuropsychologist who specializes in sport concussion, please visit the NCNF Provider Locator page and click on the sport concussion search criteria. 

In Northern California and interested in getting free baseline testing for your child? Click here to learn more! https://www.paloaltou.edu/sport-concussion


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