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Assistant to neuropsychologist in private practice

  • May 25, 2021 12:45 PM
    Message # 10552663

    I am seeking a part-time assistant for my medical-legal neuropsychology private practice. The assistant's main duties will include: 

    • Assisting on the day of the evaluation

    • Assisting in scoring neuropsychological measures

    • Taking notes during the clinical interviews 

    • Constructing the scores and history sections of the neuropsychological report

    • Proofreading final drafts of reports before they are sent to attorneys

    • Updating templates

    In addition to duties related to neuropsychological testing, a minor part of the assistant's duties will include:

    • Organizing protocols and materials

    • Sending appointment reminders

    This is a paid position, with hours that fluctuate depending on how busy my practice is at a given time. I expect that assistants will work 6-12 hours per week, typically closest to 8. I would prefer an assistant who is able to be somewhat flexible with their time. For the most part, I ask for 2 days/week to be dedicated to my practice, but I occasionally request that my assistant complete a short task on off days. In these instances, I give as much advance notice as possible and try to work around my assistant's schedule as well. 

    Most of this position can be completed remotely, but around 1-3 times per month my assistant will need to come to my practice in the Oakland Hills for testing sessions, scoring, or office organization. 

    My previous assistant, who is moving on to her internship, describes me as "very hands-on and provides a great deal of training." This position would be ideal for a graduate student who is looking to get more exposure in neuropsychology. I am particularly seeking an assistant with strong writing skills, and one who is eager to learn about neuropsychology. Prior experience with assessment is preferred. 

    If you are interested, please submit your CV and letter of interest to me via email at drperlmanberry@gmail.com

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