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Neuropsych Post-doctoral opportunity 2015-16

  • May 06, 2015 8:52 PM
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    The San Mateo Medical Center is currently seeking 1-2 postdoctoral applicants for a year-long training period starting between Mid July 2015 through June 2016.  Because the position is unfunded (we are currently looking for funding), there is some degree of flexibility in the number of hours per week (ideally 40 preferred though part-time could be negotiated) and in the start and completion dates.


    The position would be based in an outpatient geriatric primary care clinic attached to a county hospital in San Mateo. The candidate would work closely with the neuropsychologist in completing both inpatient and outpatient neuropsychological evaluations on adult & geriatric populations referred through multiple clinics.  The position also involves some treatment services through our pain clinic.


    The majority of the time would be spent in clinic handling neuropsychological referrals from various departments in our system of care including: neurology, primary care, various outpatient mental health clinics, and occasionally Aging and Adult Services.  Occasional inpatient consultations would come from a medical-surgical floor (mostly capacity evaluations involving brief cognitive assessment) or the psychiatric unit (typically diagnostic assessments or cognitive evaluations).


    Patients include victims of cerebrovascular accident and stroke, geriatric populations experiencing new onset memory difficulties, Dementia, Parkinson’s, mental health patients experiencing cognitive impairment, substance abuse, learning disorders, and adults with various somatoform disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and other psychiatric illnesses.  Because some applicants may have limited experience in neuropsychological testing they are provided with close supervision, by the attending neuropsychologist (Dr. Vanderschaaf).  This includes an extensive diagnostic interview conducted together with Dr. Vanderschaaf, training in test administration and scoring, and close review of all report preparation.  The candidate typically then tests patients over one or more sessions independently. The patient then returns to review the results together with the supervisor and post-doctoral fellow in a feedback session.


    In addition to time spent together with the neuropsychologist seeing patients, there is 1-2 hours of weekly individual supervision and up to 2 hours of group supervision (varying with the total number of weekly hours). There is a weekly 2 hours of didactic training for an internship program which may be attended by the candidate who may additionally be required to present on topics periodically. Because we are a small program, training seminar topics could focus on neuropsychology, brain / behavior relationships, neuropsychological disorders, and personality assessment.  Depending on hours commitment, the candidate would ideally be present to complete two neuropsychological assessments per week and would  then have days available for report write up with final report due in the following week or two.  There may also be psychotherapy referrals with in the geriatric clinic or an HIV clinic depending on total number of weekly hours and interest in this service.



    The Pain Management Clinic (PMC) offers a unique, multidisciplinary, team-oriented treatment approach.  PCM is a functional restoration program that is designed to teach patients that have been incapacitated by pain to manage chronic pain and restore function.  Our team consists of licensed clinical psychologists, psychiatrist, physiatrists, addictionologist, nurse practitioner, physical therapists, medical assistant, and other administrative staff.


    The candidate will get the opportunity to learn directly from other team members as well as apply cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).  Interns will learn to incorporate the bio-psycho-social model and will receive training and practice in the following areas:  Pain Management Education Group; mindfulness/meditation group; complete intakes; apply behavioral interventions to patients during follow-up appointments; provide individual psychotherapy; develop new projects of intern’s interest (e.g., mentorship program, nutrition education class, etc.); and administer, score, interpret, and write psychological assessments.  The candidate will complete 1 days in pain clinic (varying with total number of hours available).



    *Preference for 32-40 hours per week availability

    *Preference given to individuals with prior experience or interest in Neuropsychological testing and personality assessment.

    *Spanish speaking or other Asian languages proficiency is highly desirable


    Application Instructions:

    *To apply send by email: a cover letter, CV and 3 letters of reference to:


    Josh Vanderschaaf, Psy.D. 

    San Mateo Medical Center

    222 West 39th Ave

    San Mateo, CA 94403


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