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San Mateo Medical Center-Pain Management Post-doc

  • May 08, 2015 6:42 AM
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    The Pain Management Clinic (PMC) offers a unique, multidisciplinary, team-oriented treatment approach.  Our goal is to affect change in our patient’s lives.  PCM is a functional restoration program that is designed to teach patients that have been incapacitated by pain to manage chronic pain and restore function.  Our PMC is the only functional restoration program that is offered to county patients in the Bay Area.

    The fellow will get the opportunity to learn directly from other team members as well as apply cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).  The fellow will incorporate the bio-psycho-social model, and learn the roles and responsibilities of a pain psychologist.  Also, the position could involve a rotation (e.g., one day or two a week) with our neuropsychologist through the Ron Robinson Senior Care Center. 

    Our pain team consists of two licensed clinical psychologists, psychiatrist, physiatrists, addictionologist, licensed clinical social worker, nurse practitioners, multiple physical therapists, medical assistant, and other administrative staff.  The fellow’s responsibilities will include (but not limited to) the following:

    ·       Co-teach our Pain Management Education Group

    ·        Co-teach the Alumni Group

    ·       Co-teach the nutrition class

    ·       Teach mindfulness/meditation group

    ·       Complete behavioral evaluation intakes

    ·       Apply behavioral interventions to patients during follow-up appointments with the medical team

    ·       Provide individual psychotherapy

    ·       Develop new projects of intern’s interest (e.g., mentorship program, mindfulness group, etc.)

    ·       Attend multidisciplinary meetings several times a week

    ·       Administer, score, interpret, and write psychological and neuropsychological assessments  


    The fellow will know the following after completion of a pain clinic rotation:

    ·       Understand the difference between acute and chronic pain as well as the differences between treatment of acute and chronic pain

    ·       Understand chronic pain sequelae

    ·       Understand how to address fear-avoidance behaviors of patients

    ·       Understand CBT and ACT in regards to pain management

    ·       Understand various pain medications and other biomedical treatments

    ·       Understand how to run an effective pain management educational group

    ·       Understand how to complete mindfulness/meditation therapy (e.g., diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery)

    ·       Understand the causes of pain

    ·       Understand the psychosocial aspects of chronic pain and how it impacts patients and the community

    ·       Understand empirical evidence of treatment of chronic pain  

    ·       Understand the difference between tolerance and addiction in regards to pain medication

    ·       Understand the roles of the different multidisciplinary team members in a chronic pain program

    ·       Learn how to complete behavioral medicine evaluations (i.e., intake evaluations for a pain clinic)

    ·       Learn how to administer, score, interpret, and write psychological and neuropsychological assessments to patients in the pain clinic   


    *Preference for 32-40 hours per week availability

    *Preference given to individuals with prior experience or interest in pain management

    *Spanish speaking or other languages proficiency is highly desirable

    *This is likely going to be a funded position; however, there are no guarantees at this time 

    Application Instructions:

    *To apply send by email: a cover letter, CV and 3 letters of reference to:

    Melissa Fledderjohann, PsyD

    San Mateo Medical Center

    222 West 39th Ave

    San Mateo, CA 94403    


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